Siemens MSS52 S62B50 e39 m5 Alpha-N Standalone.


  • Chiptuned for more power (up to 24hk/7000rpm,29nm/3300rpm).
  • DSC/ABS requirement removed.
  • EWS3 immobilizer requirement removed.
  • VMAX removed (electronic speed limiter 250km/t).
  • Alpha-N (with this the engine will run without the MAF sensors).
  • RPM limiter is set to 7200 rpm.
  • Rear lambda sensors and catalytic converters can be removed without any ecu errors codes
  • Auxiliary air pump can be removed with any ecu errors

Importan about Alpha-n:

The MAF sensors can be left in place but needs to be unplugged.

An air temperature sensor still needs to be used - this can be either the sensor built in to the MAF sensor by leaving pins 1 (yellow/blue) and 3 (brown/orange) connected or if you will be using a carbon airbox, by connecting a intake air temperature with BMW part number  13621725323

This modification makes the engine perform the best it can in any chassis/car

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Siemens MSS52 S62B50 e39 m5 Alpha-N Standalone

  • Brand: Siemens
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